We create bespoke typefaces for your brand or company

A fundamental basis for any brand, typography is essential in communication design. While a logo, the colour choices and how they are used are essential elements in any visual identity system, the choice of type — a discreet and omnipresent element of any communication — is not to be underestimated. It can give any message its own character, its own charm, its own voice.

And that’s the point of our custom fonts:

A custom font is unique. It can closely reflect a brand’s values in its design: ensuring everything reflects those values from the ground up, representing a company more precisely and strengthening its corporate identity.

Our custom fonts are engineered to work efficiently with great function across all platforms and media. With OpenType features, style linking, screen optimised performance, a wide range of styles and language support for your target markets, they’re easy to use and trouble free.

As part of a design template for many users, embedding in digital applications, automated server solutions or for busy websites, an existing font may not be available or come with a hefty fee.
Through one-time payment, licensing our custom fonts are affordable and provide the freedom to work with many other users and handle a wide variety of media and document types. Using your custom font as part of future expansions, whether with new branch offices or franchise partners, won’t be limited at all.

If you’re looking for a custom or modified typeface, we look forward to talking with you.