A font is an extensively developed software. If you want to use it, you have to purchase the user rights and respect the End User Licence Agreement (EULA). For various Media and Usage we offer different kind of licences.

Type Mates Eula Desktop Web Licence

Desktop+Web Licence

Modern graphic design almost always involves design for print and screen — and that is why we came up with a licence that includes both desktop and web uses. Now you can install the fonts on your computer, use them in all your programmes (Microsoft office, Adobe software…) and at the same time you can embed the included WebFonts through @font-face technology in the corresponding web project.

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Type Mates Eula Embedding Licence

Smart Embedding Licence

Whether it’s an iOS application, Android or ePub: our Smart Embedding licence allows you to embed the fonts in any application (e.g. App, eBook or SmartWatch), as long as it’s part of the same project and will not exceed the limits of the licence.
In addition to the Smart Embedding licence, we will give you one User Desktop Licence to test the fonts during the pre-coding design process.

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Type Mates Eula Server Licence

Server Licence

Automation saves time and money, so this licence will cost a bit more compared to a Desktop+Web licence for humans. The Server licence allows you to install our fonts on a server to automatically generate invoices, business cards, PDF documents or other personalised products. With this license html5 campaigns are possible.

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Type Mates Eula Demo Licence

Demo Licence

Screenshots of the online type tester or our PDF specimens are not always enough to create a nice presentation for your client. Therefore, we offer Demo-Fonts for our complete Font Collection. You may use them for layouts, presentations or pitches to convince you and your client to purchase the fonts finally.

Demo-Fonts are meant for testing or demonstration purposes. They allow you to use the fonts for testing exclusively and come along with a reduced character set and no OpenType Features.

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Type Mates Eula Enterprise Licence

Enterprise Licence

If you’re juggling a changing number of desktop users or the complex media demands of a large corporate identity, a one-time fee can give you the flexibility. Secured for a flat fee, our enterprise license can give your business a worry-free shortcut out from the jungle of font licensing.

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