Meet the Mates

TypeMates is a straightforward font foundry offering retail typefaces and custom solutions. For years, we — Jakob, Lisa and Nils — have been passionate about type. In 2015, from our offices in the north, south and west of Germany, we began working together as a type foundry.

We don’t believe that typefaces are neutral or purely functional systems for reading, rather that they are a visual language with emotional values. Our aim is to be straightforward in the complex field of type design. We do not want to hype or praise type too much, we want to work together with our clients and partners to deliver good results.

Our practice covers everything, from the tiniest nuance in a logo or piece of lettering to the design of extensive type systems. And whether it’s a beautiful idea, a complex client project with intense technical demands, or we’re just following our investigative TypeMate’s nose — we’re passionate about well-made letterforms delivered to the highest technical standard.

Whether it’s Red Bull, Lego, BuzzFeed News, KFC or FC Bayern- we designed typefaces that are used by brands, magazines and corporations who set the bar for design.

Selected Clients
During the last years we had the pleasure to work with the following clients:

Spiegel Verlag, Hamburg
Ministry Foreign Affairs Finland
Red Bull Media House
Fielmann AG
the LEGO group
Territory Corporate Publishing, Hamburg
Carglass GmbH
Mutabor, Hamburg and Munich
Cherry GmbH
Frosta AG
Martin et Karczinski, Munich
Interbrand, Cologne
Bosch Hausgeräte
OBI GmbH & Co.
Serviceplan, Munich
Western Digital
St. Pauli, Hamburg
Handelsblatt, Düsseldorf
Edenspiekermann, Berlin
FC Bayern München AG
Jung von Matt, Hamburg
Google Campus
Dragon Rouge, London
Metadesign, Berlin and Zurich
Mewa Deutschland
Ruhr Nachrichten

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Meet our Mates
We love to collaborate and distribute typefaces by other type designers.
Typemates Typedesigner Potrait Profile Mona Franz 1
Mona Franz
Ligaturetype Alexander Ruettten head
Alexander Rütten
Typemates Typedesigner Potrait Profile Daniel Utz 01
Daniel Utz
Typemates Typedesigner Potrait Profile Antonia Cornelius 01
Antonia Cornelius
Type Mates Team Paul Eslage Potrait Profile0
Paul Eslage
Typemates Typedesigner Potrait Profile Philipp Neumeyer 1
Philipp Neumeyer
Typemates Typedesigner Potrait Profile Andrej Dienes 01
Andrej Dieneš
Typemates Typedesigner Potrait Profile Teja Smrekar 1 tumb
Teja Smrekar
Ligaturetype 3415
Olivia Wood
Typemates Typedesigner Potrait Profile Max Kostopoulos 1 tumb
Max Kostopoulos
Tom Holloway Portrait AVATAR2
Tom Holloway
Typemates Typedesigner Potrait Profile Timo Titzmann 1
Timo Titzmann
Typemates Typedesigner Potrait Profile Juergen Schwarz 01 Foto Kristian Barthen
Jürgen Schwarz