TypeMates: a straightforward font foundry.

For years, we — Jakob, Lisa and Nils — have been passionate about type and in 2015 we started working together, from our offices in Munich and Hamburg, as a type foundry.

We don’t believe that typefaces are neutral or purely functional systems for reading, rather that they are a visual language with emotional values. Our aim is to be straightforward in the complex field of type design. We do not want to hype or praise type too much, we want to work together with our clients and partners to deliver good results.

Our practice covers everything, from the tiniest nuance in a logo or piece of lettering to the design of extensive type systems. And whether it’s a beautiful idea, a complex client project with intense technical demands, or we’re just following our investigative TypeMate’s nose — we’re passionate about well-made letterforms delivered to the highest technical standard.

Whether it’s Die Zeit online, Fast Company, Red Bull TV or Lufthansa Magazine, typefaces we designed are used by magazines, newspapers and corporations who set the bar for design.

Some of our Clients

During the last years we had the pleasure to work with the following clients.

Spiegel Verlag, Hamburg
Ministry Foreign Affairs Finland, see project
Red Bull Media House, see project
Meaningfulworks, Los Angeles
Gruner + Jahr, Hamburg
Territory Corporate Publishing, Hamburg, see project
Hagebau Baumarkt
Ligalux, Hamburg
Bureau ErlerSkibbeToensmann, Hamburg
Cherry, see project
Sedus Stoll AG, Waldshut
Martin et Karczinski, München

Interbrand, Cologne
Bosch Hausgeräte, Munich
Anzinger Wüschner Rasp, Munich
Mey Bodywear, Albstadt
Famous Visual Services
twotype design, Hamburg
OBI GmbH & Co.
St. Pauli, Hamburg
La Brass Banda, Übersee at Chiemsee
Handelsblatt, Düsseldorf
Edenspiekermann, Berlin
FC Bayern München AG

Type Mates 0926 Nils Thomsen About Pensum Pro Hamburg Munich Typedesigner2

Nils Thomsen

Ever since he was a child, Nils has been captivated by graffiti and this early fascination bloomed into a love of letterforms. Pursuing this interest, Nils completed his studies at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel, and his master’s degree in the postgraduate Type and Media course in The Hague. His master’s project, the award-winning typeface Meret, is used in several international magazines, including Fast Company Magazine.
From 2011 to 2013, Nils worked at Bureau ErlerSkibbeToensmann in Hamburg. There he participated in the redesign of the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, contributing to its new corporate typeface. Nils focused on the text-face and the additional headline serif-face.
In 2013 Nils started his own business, Nils Types, where he focussed on drawing and selling typefaces and where he began working with a variety of clients on custom type projects. His sans serif workhorse Conto became a MyFonts Bestseller and in 2015 Nils drew an exclusive handmade font for the Lufthansa Magazine redesign by Gruner+Jahr.

Nils’ typefaces in the Font Collection: Comspot, Conto, Conto Compressed, Conto Condensed, Conto Narrow, Conto Slab, Jabana, Jabana Alt, Jabana Extras, Meret Pro, Mikkel, Pensum Display, Pensum Pro, Halvar Breitschrift, Halvar Mittelschrift, Halvar Engschrift, Halvar Stencil Breitschrift, Halvar Stencil Mittelschrift, Halvar Stencil Engschrift.

Type Mates 0985 Jakob Runge About Typedesigner Munich Hamburg Cera Pro

Jakob Runge

From 2009 Jakob Runge has been fired by letters and type systems. After studying communication design at the University of applied sciences in Würzburg (BA) and then at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel (MA), his master’s project was published as FF Franziska in 2014, and became a successful textface at FontFont.
A new dad, he works near Munich as an independent type and brand designer who specialises in developing typefaces and custom lettering for corporate and editorial design.
Alongside working in the design industry, Jakob is active in typographic education. Along with running numerous workshops at universities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, he has been a lecturer for typography and type design at FH Münster from 2011.
For him, type design is more than the foundation of precise and coherent communication: it’s a passion.

Jakob’s typefaces in the Font Collection: Cera Brush, Cera Pro, Cera Condensed, Cera Round Pro, Cera Stencil Pro, Harrison Serif Pro, Muriza, Urby, Urby Soft, Halvar Breitschrift, Halvar Mittelschrift, Halvar Engschrift, Halvar Stencil Breitschrift, Halvar Stencil Mittelschrift, Halvar Stencil Engschrift.

Type Mates Type Designer Lisa Fischbach

Lisa Fischbach

With expertise in type and graphic design, Lisa’s understanding of how type is made and used forms the cornerstone of her identity as a type designer.

She studied the Bachelor at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel, where she specialised in graphic design with a clear focus towards typography. These studies were paired with an excursion into the fine arts during a semester at the University of Seville. She finished her bachelor’s with a latin typeface, Lobelia, that was nominated for the Muthesius Award and honored in the Museum of art in Kiel.

After her bachelor studies Lisa worked for 2 years in the design agency Format Design Visual Identities in Hamburg. There she was mainly responsible for the creation and supervision of corporate designs and systemic concepts.

To further develop her fascination for type, Lisa moved to England, where she successfully completed her Master's in Typeface Design at the University of Reading in 2014. During the Master’s programme she was was introduced to the design of foreign script systems. Her master’s project, Kaius, speaks several languages, including Gujarati, Greek, Cyrillic, Latin and phonetic signs.

After her master's degree Lisa worked for 4 years in Hamburg as an independent designer for various clients in the field of type and graphic design. Since 2018 she has been working for the foundry as the third TypeMate.

Lisa’s typefaces in the Font Collection: Cera Round Pro, Harrison Serif Pro, Halvar Breitschrift, Halvar Mittelschrift, Halvar Engschrift, Halvar Stencil Breitschrift, Halvar Stencil Mittelschrift, Halvar Stencil Engschrift.

Our lovely Mates we already did some typefaces with

We love to collaborate: During the last years we had the pleasure to work together with some great part-time type designers on fonts in our library.

Type Mates Type Designer Juergen Schwarz Photo Kristian Barthen

Jürgen Schwarz

In 1999, when Jürgen Schwarz visited the Ortwein School of Art and Design in Graz, communication design became a passion for him. After more than four years working as a graphic, exhibition and editorial designer in Austria, he sought distant shores — and went to Germany.
In Würzburg (BA) and in Potsdam (MA), he deepened his specialist knowledge and worked as a freelance designer for select projects. The two universities offered him the opportunity to develop his enthusiasm for type and typography; and this resulted in him working with Jakob and designing the typeface Muriza, released in 2014. From 2015, Jürgen has worked as a designer specialised in corporate and information design. He considers type and typography essential elements in his professional practice.

Jürgen’s typeface in the Font Collection: Muriza.

Type Mates Type Designer Maximilian Kostopoulos

Max Kostopoulos

Max Kostopoulos created his first fonts during studies dedicated to the design of lettering through analogue design methods. In 2010, he launched www.26plus-zeichen.de with Jakob Runge and ever since they have gone on to plan and manage numerous workshops on type design at several universities of applied sciences. After studying communications design at the universities of Würzburg (BA) and Mainz (MA), Max was Art Director of Corporate Design, Corporate Publishing and Interactive Design in Mainz and Hamburg.

Max’s typeface in the Font Collection: Cera Brush.

Paul Eslage Type Mates Portrait

Paul Eslage

Born into a family of self-employed photographers, Paul Eslage’s early contact with the creative professions lead him to study Design at the Münster School of Design in 2014. Focussing on communication design, he worked on several magazine, branding and exhibition projects and – before TypeMates was even born – attended Jakob’s type design course at the MSD. That course was the starting point for Paul’s passion for designing letters.

After his degree he joined Nils in his Kiel office as TypeMates’ first intern. Helping out on custom fonts and type graphics, he also started designing the stencil version of the foundry’s font Halvar — going from intern to variable font instance operator within a few months!

Paul’s typefaces in the Font Collection: Halvar Stencil Breitschrift, Halvar Stencil Engschrift and Halvar Stencil Mittelschrift.

Type Mates Type Designer Mona Franz

Mona Franz

Driven by the wonder of doing something she’d never done before, Mona created her first typeface, Franz Sans, for her Bachelor project. She gained more experience in using type through working in corporate agencies like MetaDesign Berlin and Martin et Karczinski. Due to her special interest, jobs that would make use of her vector skills like the refresh of the Lufthansa crane logo or researching and briefing the new Lufthansa type kept landing on her desk.

In 2018 Mona graduated from the Royal Academy of Art’s TypeMedia masters in the Hague with Bridge, now enhanced and published by TypeMates. Throughout her intensive time in the Netherlands, she learned from some of the best type designers in the world.

Now that she’s back in Munich and working as a freelancer specializing in Type and Corporate Design, Mona likes to connect people and build bridges between design disciplines.

Mona’s typefaces in the Font Collection: Bridge Head and Bridge Text