Jakob Runge

Jakob is co-Founder of TypeMates. He is identifying designs for bespoke type and also taking care of project management. For him, type design is more than the foundation of precise and coherent communication: it’s a passion.

Since studying communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg (BA), Jakob has been hooked by letters and type systems. At Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel (MA), his master’s project became a successful textface at FontFont. Besides working in the design industry, Jakob is active in typographic education and running numerous workshops at universities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. He has also been a lecturer for typography and type design at FH Münster from 2011 till 2021.

Cera Pro is supporting pure geometry plus Latin, Кириллица and Ελληνικά script.
Cera Brush: a hand-crafted, brush-made geometric font with high-res details
Cera Stencil: a Pan-European Stencil for setting clean but interesting headlines in multiple languages
Cera Round rounds off the Cera Collection, bringing warmth to the Latin, Кириллица and Ελληνικά ccripts.
Harrison Serif, a modern Slab ranging between capable and casual
Gratimo Classic is a fresh geometric humanist refined for reading
Gratimo Grotesk is a fresh modernist geometric engineered for reading
Grato Classic, a secretly geometric humanist
Grato Grotesk, a resolute modernist geometric
Grato Marker: the handwritten expression of geometric Ideas
Franziska: Strong in character, robust and with passion for detail.
Halvar Stencil: an unbreakable industrial typeface
Halvar: a German engineered type system that extends to extremes
TJ Evolette: unique, customisable, experimental, fashionable and clean.
Urby melts dynamic shapes with geometric construction for branding and editorial.
Urby Soft tops off smooth and dynamic shapes with geometric construction for branding and sports.
Sinews Sans brings humanistic muscle to technical challenges
Muriza – a reserved Slab with captivating curves