Natalie Rauch

Being based in Berlin, Natalie joined TypeMates part-time as a type designer and font developer who takes care of custom and retail fonts. For her, type design pleases the exciting interplay between detail and totality.

It took some time till Natalie realised her heart lies in letters. After diving into business, pedagogy and linguistics, she eventually and wholeheartedly settled for design.

After studying Communication Design and focussing on type design and typography at HTW Berlin, Natalie decided to do her Master’s in Typeface Design at the University of Reading (UK) in 2014. Before joining TypeMates in 2021, she has independently worked on several (multi-script) projects for different clients and type foundries. Since 2018 she also spreads her letter love by teaching students in “Digitale Schriftgestaltung” at AID Berlin. Natalie likes to organise herself and her surroundings to make work and type as efficient as possible.