Type.Today × Khan Kuchum: From Wall to Clothes

Inspired by stencil ads seen on the streets of Moscow, Danilo Kuchum used Halvar Breitschriftt Stencil to cover the street with handmade stencils, before transferring the design to clothes.

With Type.Today we are lucky to have a font distributor for the cyrillic market. Even better, we get to see how they invest in the next generation of designers. Each month, another young designer takes over their instagram account to promote the typeface library. A collaboration with Danilo Kuchum lead from graffiti to a limited edition sweater collection.

The stencil

When he was younger, Danilo loved spraying onto walls. While collaborating with Type.Today, he had a flashback and wanted to make the streets brighter, so he cut and sprayed a typical stencil ad on the streets of Moscow.

The Sweater

The response to Danilo’s street art was stunning. That is why Type.Today decided to make Danilo’s work available as clothes. The result is a washable, 100% organic cotton sweater in black or white with an orange print, that feels like an authentic stencil.

Halvar, gosh, I love it!

— Danilo

The artificial mockup to visualise the pre-order.

The real sweater styled by Paul Eslage.