New Identity for Campus by Google

London based MultiAdaptor has created a new brand system for Campus, Google’s global network of co-working and event spaces.

The ‘frame’ represents the physical spaces at each of the six global cities: a constant presence that underpins the vast array of events, programmes and services that Campus provides.

MultiAdaptor’s brand identity system is a flexible framework, a toolkit that covers, alongside a new logo, a variety of digital and print-based touch points. Based on the motto “Come start something”, the Campus brand is a reflection of the vibrant international community of entrepreneurs, united by a shared belief that startups can change the world.

Cera Pro and Cera Stencil are elementary components of this vibrant and modular identity.

A flexible framework: The Campus frame can flex to any format, allowing for an infinite array of creative expressions around it that adapt to the needs of the application and audience, but with an instantly recognisable, consistent identifier.

Programme branding: Supported by a simple naming system, the brands toolkit can be configured to unite sets of materials for specific programmes of activity, which span across Campuses. This flexibility allows the creation of distinct moods and themes.

Startup spirit: Brand typography, image style and colour palette are all designed to capture the “spirit of startup”, while allowing Campus communications to constantly refresh and reinvent, without diluting the core DNA. This flexible toolkit enables locations, programmes or events to be grouped together, so that they are clearly distinguishable and relevant to their context.

Images by courtesy of MultiAdaptor. Campus photography by Instrument.

Brand Guidelines