Handmade font for Lufthansa Magazine by Gruner+Jahr

Our latest font project comes along with redesign of the Lufthansa Magazin in cooperation with Max Nelles for G+J Corporate Editors.

Lufthansa News 1 1

The task was to design a natural appearing handwritten font for some extra emphasis. The font includes only uppercase letters which should appear in around 25 points.
For easy handling LH Hans automation is placed into the liga feature. This allows a usage without choosing an extra feature. To get an even more handmade flavour we decided to go for two varieties per glyph. Therefore we also started to write an code to automate the random appearing of the different letter shapes.

Lufthansa News 1 2

In addition LH Hans Icons are placed directly into the font file. They are selectable via the OpenType feature stylistic set 3 (SS03). Now you can easily type from a to o to get your icons. In case you fall into love with this style we offer a similar font named Jabana.

Lufthansa News 1 3
Lufthansa News 1 4
Lufthansa News 1 5

This illustration shows the automatic OpenTypeFeature which works even if ten other letters appear between. If the user is not happy with the result, he can always choose to type lower- or uppercase to get his result.

Lufthansa News 1 6
Lufthansa News 1 7
Lufthansa News 1 8
Lufthansa News 1 10
Lufthansa News 1 11

To make it easy to deal with the icons, they are placed directly in an extra font and are available from A to O and zero to nine.

Lufthansa News 1 12
Lufthansa News 1 13

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