St.Gallen Giant Newspaper

Franziska goes beyond the usual dimensions and impresses in large format. Used for the St.Gallen giant newspaper, it presents its clear forms in XXL format. The newspaper, designed by students of the St.Gallen School of Design, covers more than 750 square metres of exhibition space and has 16 walk-in pages. With Franziska, the oversized version of the St.Gallen newspaper becomes a real (reading) experience!

The Typography and Communication Design students at St.Gallen School of Design (GBS) were tasked to design a 16-page St.Gallen Newspaper for visitors at the LUGA fair. The result is a giant walk-in newspaper that covers an area of 780 square meters. It features interactive elements such as texts, infographics, and images that visitors can touch, admire, and read. To ensure legibility, Franziska was chosen for all types of text. With a combination of Regular and Italic styles, and weights ranging from Black to Hairline, Franziska proudly displays the details that are usually shown in smaller sizes. The giant newspaper takes type size to a whole new level, as the x-height is no longer measured in points, but in shoe sizes!

With Franziska, body text is explored, admired, understood, and comprehended in detail. But above all the serif typeface never loses sight of the big picture by offering clear legibility and effectively communicating information.