Posterzine about Mental Health

Designed by Where’s Gut Studio, Gratimo Grotesk works from headline to text in a project that is talking about mental health issues.

In light of increasing mental health cases due to the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the studio conducted a short survey to better understand the obstacles of being in a conversation about mental health; be it as The Sharer or The Listener.

They summarised the results from that survey together with expert counsel from a practising psychiatrist in the posterzine: “Head On: Mental Well-being”. It’s a project that the designers learnt a great deal from and hope everyone will find it as enlightening and encouraging as they did. On the back of the posterzine is an accompanying manifesto on being better communicators and listeners when in a conversation about mental health.

Gratimo Grotesk works here both as display and body font, showing the variety in which it can be used for.