Font Donation for the Petition Better Birth Control

60 years after introducing the contraceptive pill, it is time for equal and better birth control. That’s why Jana Pfenning and Rita Maglio started a petition in 2021 and founded Better Birth Control.

Over 130,000 signatures were summoned for the petition Better Birth Control, making clear that taboos need to be removed. The success ultimately resulted in founding a non-profit association, which has been been advising the government on better and equal contraception.

Since the beginning of the petition, some progress has been made: The demands for a better birth control were included in the party manifestos for FDP, SPD, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and LINKE in connection to the German federal elections in 2021. The petition was also able to convince the “Ampel” coalition to include the demands for better contraception in the coalition agreement. Today, the association works enthusiastically on making equal and free birth control a reality, nationally and internationally.

When preparing the branding for the petition, Katharina Seizew (Team Lead Design at Better Birth Control) contacted TypeMates. Right from the start, it was clear that Sombra could strike the right tone for the campaign. Given the importance of the issue, designer Paul Eslage and TypeMates decided to support the campaign by donating Sombra.

In addition to the vibrant colour spectrum of the branding, it is the sweeping and organic strokes of Sombra that add character to the look. All font styles are used in the campaign: body text is set in Regular, headlines in Bold or Black and loud messages in the Ultra Black Poster style. That way Sombra manages the balancing act between informing and activating.