Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for help. In the meantime, here are some basic and often-asked questions that we’ve already answered for you.

What does a TypeMates font cost?

Our prices vary from font to font. We have some cheap icon-fonts for just 9 Euro but we also offer high-end fonts for 49 Euro per font style. When it comes to font families, you usually have to pay between 99 to 299 Euro.

Besides the price, you have to keep in mind how long we spend drawing, shaping and technically improving a typeface to make high quality, functional fonts. It’s quite a long process, so we cannot make everything too cheap!

In general, the price is guided by the license type and the number of users. Compared to buying single styles, it’ll be cheaper to buy a full font package.

Please note, all our prices are in Euro and include German tax already.

When do I get my font files?

As soon as the payment is done, you will be able to get your fonts through a download link. This can be found in your account and in an email you will receive after the purchasing process.

How do I install a Font?

When talking of Desktop Fonts, you have to put the OTF or TTF file in your System Library.

On Mac OS X you’ll find the Library folder here:
. Otherwise you can use the FontBook.

On Windows you will find the font library here:
C:\Windows\Fonts. Have a look at Windows’ help desk as well.

If you are wondering how to install — or to be precise embed — a Web Font, you have to put the @font-face data on your webserver. This includes a CSS-file with @font-face rules to load the WOFF, WOFF2 and EOT data in to the webpage.

Why can’t I see my fonts in my program?

There are several reasons why you may not see your fonts.

You may need to restart your application or computer. Check your font menu in case the font has not been placed alphabetically. Does the font work in a different application? Maybe you have already installed too many fonts on your system: this can cause some problems.

For more information check this external link:

Do I need a PayPal Account?

No. We also have a Stripe account for receiving payments.
You also can use both services for bank transfer or credit card payment. Even without an account.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes! Our partners Stripe and PayPal also offer payment via credit card.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Not directly in our online shop, but you can contact us by email. This may take some days as we will have to prepare the files and an invoice for you. Therefore if you are not scared of our https-secured online shop, we recommend you pay online with PayPal, Stripe or Credit Card. That’s also the only way to have an online account with the extra backup we offer for your font files, because your account will save all previous orders.

Can I refund my fonts and get my money back?

Yes, but only if there is a technical problem and you report it to us within 30 days of purchase. If we cannot solve that technical problem, you’ll get your money back.

We cannot refund money just because you do not like our fonts anymore.

Do I get a real invoice?

Yes, of course. After the payment you get a link to your invoice, and don’t stress: your account will allow you to download your invoice each and every day. We will keep it for you until TypeMates goes bankrupt.

Do I have to pay taxes / VAT ?

Yes, but ... If you are a non-European citizen you do not have to pay the German tax at all. As a European citizen you can free yourself from German tax by entering your valid EU VAT ID during the checkout process. All German customers need to pay the 19% of German tax.

I did not get any email or download link. What happens?

Oh sorry! Just contact us, it may be a technical problem. Maybe you just need to check your account again, but we will help you immediately!

How do I get a voucher or discount code?

This is only possible in direct contact with us: e.g. if you want to update an existing licence or need a student discount.

Can I test your fonts before I need to buy them?

Yes, for sure! You just need to sign in with an account to download the DemoFonts of our complete foundry font collection, and accept our terms and conditions.

What am I allowed to do with the demo fonts?

You are allowed to install the fonts on your computer to design test layouts for your next project or client. To be sure about what you can and can’t do, in detail, take a look at our DemoFont License.

What is an EULA?

EULA means End User License Agreement. It explains what you can and can’t do with our fonts.

Who needs a license of fonts, me or the client?

Everyone who uses or installs our fonts needs to purchase a license. If a designer uses our fonts to create artwork for his client, the designer has to purchase a license. If the client also uses the font for some office work, he will also need to purchase a license.

If you buy a license for more than one user, you and your client can share the license.

Can I buy a license for my client?

Yes. You can add a license owner during the checkout process.

Is there a discount for students or a non-profit organisation?

Yes, we offer 50% off for students and non-profit organisations. Please get in direct contact with us via email, providing some information or attaching a copy of your student identification.

Can I create products to sell with your fonts?

It depends. You can of course design a nice shirt and sell it wherever you want, but be careful with embedding in digital products. Best read our EULA before getting into licensing trouble.

Can I embed your fonts in ebooks/apps? Are there any yearly costs?

You do need to get an Embedding License, but there are no annual costs. Just make sure you do not exceed the number of embedding projects. Check our Smart Embedding License to be sure.

Can I adjust the users or traffic of my license after purchasing a font?

Yes. Just drop us a line via email and we will just update the difference to the invoice you paid already.

Can I modify your fonts?

No. You are not allowed to modify our font files. You are just allowed to change the outlines in to use it as a single Logo or do subletting on webfonts.
Better check our licenses for details.

What if your font does not work?

Please contact us if you have any problems with our font files, we will be glad to help you.

What are OpenType Features?

OpenType Features are helpful extras in a font that are often accessible via short cuts or menu bars in various applications. We explain our favourite features of each font on its page.

To access these extras, please check if your application supports these features, or OpenType at all.

You font looks pixelated or badly rendered.

We use a mix of different autohinting tools to improve how our fonts are rendered on screen, including DirectWrite and ClearType (both Windows). Even better rendering can always be ordered as custom service.

I cannot find a special glyph, letter or sign in your font!

We include most glyphs for serious typography, supplementing the AdobeLatin3 character set with helpful additions for each font. Please check the character set and language support sections on each font page.

Can you add a logo or special letter to your font?

Yes, drop us a line via email and we will offer you some options.

Do you offer custom fonts?

Yes, we would love to work with you on new and individual type solutions. It does not matter if it’s just a small uppercase typeface project or a complex type-system for a multilingual concept — we are ready!

Can I publish my font at your foundry?

Yes, we are always interested in extending our font library. But we can’t add each and every font to our collection. Your font needs to be a high quality design that we can help you finish and it should be a great addition to our collection and not be in competition with any of our existing fonts.