Commercial Licence

All the common Desktop, Web and App licences you need, integrated into one licence document. During the checkout, you choose the media you want to licence.

End User Licence Agreement


The following is an agreement between the user (licensee) and us, the TypeMates (licencer / TypeMates, J.Runge, N.Thomsen-Habermann, L.Fischbach GbR).

To be allowed to download and use the fonts, you need to accept this font software licence. 

With your purchase you own a licence to use our fonts (font software) with respect to the following terms and conditions. You are not purchasing the ownership of the typeface itself.

We ensure that TypeMates is the sole owner of the distribution rights of the fonts and their intellectual property. We do not breach copyrights with other third parties.

Depending on the licencing, our static and variable fonts are delivered in the following formats: OpenType (OTF), TrueType (TTF), as well as web font formats (WOFF, and WOFF2). Additional formats are available on request, but may require an additional licencing.

Rules & Payment

The licenced fonts are not limited by geography or time, their right of use is perpetual and worldwide. No subscription is necessary.

You are charged once, with the price based on the following criteria of:

  • Number of users that will use the fonts on their desktop, e.g. for print and branding projects, such as brochures or logos.
  • Estimated monthly page views of your website
  • App downloads of your native or web-based app
  • Estimated impressions of your digital ads, e.g. HTML5 or e-mail newsletters
  • amount of servers the fonts will be installed on to create automated designs
  • amount of titles that are used for electronic publishing

If you increase the needed number of users, traffic, impressions, monthly downloads, servers, or titles beyond the number detailed on the invoice, you will need to update your licence to include your additional needs. This also applies if the fonts are being used in media that is not licenced. All usage beyond your licenced criteria is illegal.

The following sections describe what each licencing includes and allows. The fonts may only be used in the media listed on the invoice or order summary. If you do not have an order number, or if a specific use is not listed, you are not allowed to use the fonts in that way.

Licencing for purchased fonts

Included TRY fonts may always be installed for a single user to prototype your layout. However, without licencing Desktop, you are not allowed to create other designs with the fonts.

You may not embed the fonts, in a way that third parties can access them. With any licencing you must embed the fonts securely, so that no one without a licence may export, extract or use the fonts.

With Desktop Licencing

You may install the fonts on your computer to use them in all your programs (InDesign, Word, Canva), or a company based font-server, as long as all users that have access are licenced. When automated documents are created by a server, make sure to expand the licencing to Server Automation.

You can embed the fonts in static documents (e.g. PDFs, logo files). They must be securely embedded (in read/print-only mode), ensuring the recipient cannot extract the fonts.

You may not split the licenced number of desktop users between you and third parties.

With Web Licencing

You may embed fonts on your websites via @font-face, self-host them on your own server and make perpetual usage of them.

You can subset your WOFF and WOFF2 formats.

You may not use other font files than WOFF and WOFF2. This is good for you: you save approx. 50% of file size when you use the proper web font formats.

You may not use the licenced page views per month, for pages that do not belong to the same organization/agency, also all domains and subdomains must belong to the licensee.

With Mobile Apps Licencing

You may embed the fonts into a native or web-based mobile application across all platforms. It does not matter what kind of mobile platform or device is used; so developing an app for both iOS and parallel for Android is fine.

You may not use the fonts for more than one app title. All applications using the fonts must represent one single app title and stay under the defined download limit.

With Digital Ads Licencing

You may embed the fonts in digital ads, hosted through third party websites.

You may use the fonts in @font-face based solutions like HTML5 ads. You are likewise allowed to use the fonts to style your newsletter or e-mail.

You may not run ads or e-mail newsletters for more than one corporate client. The licenced monthly impression counts for one entity.

With Electronic Publishing Licencing

You may embed the fonts into dynamic PDFs or formats intended for Kindles, iPads, or other eReaders.

You may not use the fonts for more than the licenced publishing titles. All e-media using the fonts must represent not more than the specified publishing titles.

With Server Automation Licencing

You may install our fonts on a server in order to use them via a system that automatically generates documents.

You may not make the fonts available to other users. You need to make sure your embedding does not give others access to download the fonts from this server to a computer and make perpetual usage of the fonts.

General Terms

Security Backup

You may have a backup copy of the fonts on another device. 

Hardware embedding

You may not embed the fonts into hardware (for example: the displays of washing machines, toasters, or devices like a GPS navigator, eReader). To do that, you will need a custom licence and should contact us.

Modifying Font Formats

You may not convert the fonts to other font formats, nor may you modify, decompile or instruct a third party to convert, modify or decompile them.

Transferring the Licence

This licence is not transferable. In the event that you do not want to use the font, you may not give your rights of use or licence to a third party, and you cannot sell, nor sublicence the font licence or fonts.

You may not give the fonts to a person who does not own a licence for the fonts or shares a licence with you. The fonts may be given to a printer, as long as it is only used for production purposes and no new layouts are created. They have to accept the licence and delete/uninstall the fonts after finishing the job.

Warranty and limitation of liability

TypeMates fonts can be returned or replaced only if they are defective. Defective font formats will be replaced if you have a valid proof of purchase and inform us about the error within 2 years of purchase. This warranty does not apply to font data that has been converted, manipulated or altered by you.

If not caused by gross negligence or malicious intent by us, TypeMates shall not be liable for any consequences, property or legal responsibility—including, but not limited to, lost profits and/or lost data—as a consequence of using our fonts.


Any significant violation of this agreement by you, the licensee, will terminate this licence. In case of termination, you are obligated to immediately remove all our fonts and all copies from your system and certify this to us, the licensor.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. This Agreement shall not be subject to the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods, the application of which is expressly excluded.

The exclusive court of jurisdiction is in Passau, Germany.


Should a regulation of this contract be invalid in whole or part, the validity of other regulations shall remain unaffected.


In case of doubt or other questions, please contact us at any time: Please send inquiries by e-mail to On our website,, you can also find our telephone and postal contacts.

Version from April 3, 2023